Notice of Game Service Termination

Dear All lords:

Thank you for supporting《King Of Worlds》. We have been doing great effort to give all players the best contents and game experience during the time to meet players expectation, and also have developers doing their best to build new game contents to reach a better KOW for every player.

Due to the development policy, we are very sorry to inform you that 《Kings Of Worlds》 service will be terminated from 11:00(GMT+8) February 18, 2022(Fri.).

We truly hope you enjoyed your time with us and will serve our lords as usual until the last moment. You can still log in to the server and share your last moment and goodbyes to your alliance before the server closed down. We would like to thank you again for all the support and love you provided us, and will take all your valuable suggestions to improve the games we are going to provide. Thank you very much and we are looking forward to see you again.

Below is the details to the service termination.

11:00(GMT+8) January 24, 2022(Mon.)

👉 In-game pruchase and noew registration will no longer be available.

11:00(GMT+8) February 18, 2022(Fri.)

👉 Game service and server will be terminated.


If you have any questions on service termination or need any assistance, please contact us through in-game customer or Facebook messager